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Sponsored Slim for Charity by Marilyn Scrymgeour and Maria Fox

Like many of the businesses in Watton, I received a letter from the  Town Council asking me to make a  donation  towards the Mayors Project this year, to replace the Town Ambulance.  This set me thinking of the work I did in 1994-95 when I was the Mayor for the first time, when we raised the money for the present Ambulance.  The people of Watton donated £25,000 in my year and I was given the honour of accepting the keys by the next Mayor, Mr John Bowyer, when the Ambulance was delivered in his year. Now for all the newcomers to Watton, let me explain exactly what the Town Ambulance is, it is not, as was suggested to me the other day, our own ambulance to take people to hospital, but a vehicle used to transport the elderly and infirm back and forth to the day care centre. The name ambulance has stuck, because the late councillor Cyril Cadman, who worked tirelessly for Watton, managed to get an old ambulance for this use, so the replacements have always been known as the Town Ambulance. The drivers are all volunteers, without whom the service could not operate, but I am sure that they know how much their help is appreciated.  I am sure that the new one will be a great success. As many people know I am no longer a councillor or part of anything acting for the Town now, due to my illness, but I now come to the reason for this article.  I am suffering from a degenerative condition of the cerebella (the Brain) which means I will get worse and need more help from my long suffering husband. Now it has become apparent at last to me that I must lose weight, if I were to fall, heaven forbid, then the Fire Brigade would have to be called out to get me up, (since Geoff Capes has not come to live here yet!) So here's the deal.  I want you the people of Watton to help by sponsoring me.  The money will go to the ambulance fund.  I am being joined by Maria Fox who has pledged to lose weight for the "First Response", of which everyone is aware,  do a fantastic job. Maria is giving me a lot of encouragement as she has lost in the past and understands how hard it is. My staff, are keeping a close eye on me and encouraging me all the way, which means they eat their sweets, chocolate and crisps out of my sight. What we want are Sponsors, we will be sponsored for 6 months, and you can make your pledge at Top to Toe, or at the Council Office, either by taking a Sponsorship form and getting it filled up among your friends or make a pledge for yourself, by putting your name down on the Sponsorship Form at either place.  The money raised will be split evenly between the two Projects, which are both needed for Watton. On Monday 8/11/04 the big weigh-in took place supervised by Denise Kindeylsides, of the First Response, so although the actual weight was witnessed by Denise, (sworn to keep our secret) we will give a monthly update on the actual loss.  The official photograph is taken with the First Response Car, and the Mayor Cllr Roy Rudling.