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   Martin Anscombe, President of  The Rotary Club of Watton & District,
presented the Clubs annual Vocational Awards to individuals and groups who are
involved in voluntary community activities.

The Individual Award went to Julian Horn

Julian is awarded this for the tremendous work he has done
and continues to do to keep the spirit of old Watton alive.
His publication, Wayland news is published monthly and
along with  sister publications and DVD's he is bringing
back much of the video his mother shot from the 80's.
Always part of a group Julian has worked on the
RAF memorials, RAF reunions, Wartime Watton
Museum, Wayland Partnership and so much more.
A worthy winner.

The Group Award went to the
Wayland Community High School Eco-Bugs

School Site Manager, Karl Green along with Fiona and Shane
represented the 200 or so students from the school signed
up for this group. They have sub-groups who work in
different areas of the school. They have grants to clear
the school pond and create an eco friendly area with pond
cams powered by a windmill. They collect much of the rubbish
left by students on the field at break times and work  with
the site team on recycling. For helping to make a difference,
they are worthy winners