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   Ivan Chubbock, on his first meeting as President of  The Rotary Club of Watton & District,
presented its annual Vocational Awards to individuals and groups in Watton who are
involved in voluntary community activities.

The Individual Award went to John and June Garratt.
John spoke of the work they had done at the Queens Hall over the time they had been in Watton.
They had worked hard to make the curtains in the building and run coffee mornings
and a variety of other fund raising activities. John is on the committee of the hall.
The are also involved with the Watton Festival and the Wayland Players

The Group Award went to the Thursday Club.
Allison Dickson, who is vice chairman, spoke about the activities of this long established
club set up many years ago to provide an evening of fun and relaxation for mentally
disadvantaged young adults and carers. She spoke of the origional helpers, including Gay,
who laid the foundations of this successful club. Fundraising is an essential part of the committee
activities as it raises funds to allow the members to go on a wide variety of activities throughout Norfolk.