Year 11 Presentation Evening 19th November 2002

In an evening dedicated to the memory of  Nicola Smith and Pamela Whiteley
many of last years Year 11 pupils returned to collect GCSE certificates and cups and subject prizes.
Headteacher, Michael Rose opened the evening, which included music from the school students, and
introduced the guest speaker, Nick Crowther, who did the presentations.
Mr Crowther spoke about his experiences in engineering and his involvement over many
years in the training needs of young people, especially in engineering. He has promised to help the
school in its Technology Status bid which will help so many members of our community.

Amongst the prize winners were Darren Sampson, Clair Winter, Katie Jennings, Richard Mather,
Tim Fielding, Laura Key, Annaliese McKane, Kaleigh Garrod, Adam Chilvers, Ross Bridges,
Sally Morrill, Sally Easter, Adam Peck, Natasha Ford, David Hughes, John-Jo Rocket,
Katie Adcock, Victoria Etheridge, Stacey De Clerk, Cheri Percy, Ben Softley, Ben Carroll & Holly Creed
Two new awards this year. The Nicola Smith Rose Bowl for Achievement in History was won  jointly by Ben Carroll and
Holly Creed and the Pam Whiteley Rose Bowl for Outstsnding Contribution to School Life was won by Clair Winter.