1. Protect your mobile phone.
Tap in *#06# and store the number displayed. If your phone is stolen
tell your service provider this number as soon as possible and they will
block any use of the phone itself rendering the unit un-sellable.
Blocking  the sim card number will only stop calls being made using the card.
2. Never let your house phone or mobile be used by strangers.
They may be calling a specially set up premium phone line that can collect up
to £50 a minute from your account.
3. Never leave anything in sight in your car.
Whenever you have to leave anything of value in your car always lock
it securely in your boot. But remember that some cars are fitted with a boot
release inside the car and hatches have rear seats that can be folded flat from inside the car.
Park carefully in an area covered by lights and in a busy area.
Theft from motor vehicles is on the increase in the Watton area, be careful.

Help and advice on Crime Prevention in Watton contact
Marilyn Scrymgeour 881036

Richard Crabtree      01953 881324      Fax. 01953 884424      RichardCrabtree@aol.com