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 Twinning 2007
On Friday 25th May 2007, a group of Twinners from Watton made the journey to Weeze to
celebrate 20 years since the Charter was signed by the then Town Mayor, Janis Crabtree
and Town Clerk Lionel Fleet.

The visit started on Saturday with visits to 3 local Castles and we were able to
have guided tours. Kalbeck Castle, Hertefeld Castle and Wissen Castle are
similar to some of the large country houses in England. Sunday saw the official ceremony
marking the anniversary where the Mayors of the two Towns and the Twinning Chairmen made
speeches. Watton's new Mayor, Keith Gibert, made a superb speech outlining
the history and changes over the years since he was chairman of the Twinning
Association some 20 years before. Gifts were exchanged before the unveiling
of a sign to mark the area as Watton Platz and two hanging signs.
Monday was a day to be spent with families and a variety of places were
visited including a Kermis event in a nearby town. Monday saw us at a
local 'Plantaria' to see birds and animals. The day ended with afternoon tea in a
nearby cafe in the heart of the forest.

RAF Laarbruch was an operational RAF station open from 1954 till 1999. After long
conversion work it became a commercial airport and is now the Ryanair hub for
this part of Germany and has since 2003 be responsible for the low cost of our twinning links
www.weeze.de ~ www.hertefeld.de ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/weeze