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Watton Rotarians welcomed the members of an Argentinean Group Study Exchange team to Watton in April.
The team, Graciela Massara a lawyer, Virginia Caruso another lawyer, Andrea Gherbi a systems analyst
and Patricia Abalo a teacher were accompanies by Rotarian Jorge Moroni, yet another lawyer, have come to
Rotary District 1080 as part of this world wide scheme run by Rotary to exchange cultural differences.
The team, who had come here from Great Yarmouth, with Watton Rotarians, visited Gressenhall museum
before going on to Kings Lynn for the next part of the visit.
Pictured with the visitors are Watton Rotarians Richard Crabtree, Rod Riley, Joe Harrod,
David Watkins, Martin Parker, Martin Anscombe and Yarmouth Rotarian Mike Butcher.