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December 10th 2005
Where did 2005 go. It doesn't seem like a year since we last held the party and thanks to a huge amount of time and effort
by Alan Abel at Mullingers, a record number of tickets were given out, 195. So why did only 144 turn up.
It was a good clear night and a lot of food and gifts were prepared but 50 didn't come so much was wasted.
If you want a ticket for next year no problem but please use it, don't collect extra in case a friend/neighbour may come.

The organisers,  Tim Leonard and Richard Crabtree would like to thank the following:
Kind donations of money  goods and services were received from
The Rotary Club of Watton & District, Watton Chamber of Trade, Watton Town Council,
Bowes of Watton, Watton Produce Company, Gary Wright (Gary's Plaice)
 Emily Rutterford, Somerfields, Norma Sussames, Breckland Wines and Father Christmas.
The catering staff  at the school for cooking the food and the Friends of the School for helping
to serve  it. The young people who came along and  served out the food, provide entertainment and looked after the needs of
our guests.  St John Ambulance who always help us. Father Christmas handed out prizes.
Special thanks to Rev Roger Pawsey,  Westfield  and Junior school students for opening the entertainment so well,
the Headteacher and Governors for allowing the use of the school and all its facilities
and the dedicated band of people who helped to prepare the meal and the students and staff of the school for
serving it and providing the entertainment.
Lets have 200 for 2006