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Pupils at Wayland Community High School in Watton held a charity
non-uniform day in May and the recipient of the £635 raised was the
Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) organisation. This national charity raises funds to provide
help, support and research funding for the sufferers of this terrible skin condition.

Jake Everitt and Phillipa White present the cheque to John Parker fundraising manager from DebRA
This presentation follows on from a similar one given by John to Watton Rotarians.

About our charity :  DebRA
EB - Epidermolysis Bullosa - is a genetic condition
where the skin breaks at the slightest touch, causing painful,
open blisters and wounds. EB can mean a life of extreme pain,
disability and, at its worst it is fatal in infancy.
People with severe EB are likely to contract a fatal skin cancer.
DebRA provides specialist EB nursing, funds extensive
medical research and provides counselling, welfare, respite and advocacy.
Charity Registration No 1084958

for more information visit www.debra.org.uk