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Watton Twinning Association
Visit to Weeze Christmas Markets 1st ~ 4th December 2006

Watton Twinners paid a visit to Weeze to go to several Christmas Markets,
so very popular throughout Germany. Despite it being cold, windy and sometimes
wet, the group enjoyed the experience. They were welcomed by the Mayor, Ulrich Franken
at the Town Hall where they saw a presentation of the way the town has flourished following
the closure of RAF Laarbruch several years ago. Being the equivalent of Breckland Council the
sums involved in development seem vast. We visited a developing museum at Laarbruch dedicated
to the RAF in what was the base Church and some visited St Cyriakus Church for an
organ recital on its huge new organ. Visits were made to many parts of the area especially
by the newcomers on the trip. A reception was held in an old converted blacksmiths
shop on Saturday night.

Monday saw us all on a train ride to Krefield to its Christmas Market and the shops.

Twinning between the two towns has lasted for many years and 2007 sees the 20th anniversary of the
signing of the Twinning Charter. This is being celebrated in Weeze with the naming of an area near the
town centre as Watton Place as a permanent reminder of the relationship between the towns.

New members, especially those who have had any contact with the old Laarbruch are always welcome. The
small membership fee ensures you are insured on the trips. and can have access to Weeze families and
take part in association activities throughout the year. For now at least, Ryanair fly direct to
Airport Weeze, (Dusseldorf Weeze) for very nominal cost from Stanstead. With Weeze being located in a
very pleasant part of Neiderrrhein, it is central to a variety of small attractive villages. It is close to Kleve,
home of Anne of Cleves, 4th Queen of Henry 8th.

The Weeze web site, www.weeze.de covers many of the local attractions visited by
twinners over the years.

To join, contact Margaret Devine on Watton (01953) 881373