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The new Wayland Chamber of  Trade  & Commerce
Chairman for 2008-09 is Richard Crabtree

Richard, a past chairman in 2003 and 2004,
took over from Adrian Golding who held the post
for the past two years.

Richard is keen to see that businesses in Watton keep pace with the
continuing growth in the town and its surrounding villages. With over
1,000 houses expected to be occupied in the near future the prosperity of
our town and villages depends our our ability to get both the new and existing
residents to use our facilities for shopping, work and recreation.

The Chamber supports many local initiatives for the benefit of all ages in our
community. We part fund the Senior Citizens Christmas Party and the
Christmas lights and work with our local schools and the Wayland Partnership.
We provide to every household a directory of the many member businesses
and organisations in the area.