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Brewery House/Breckland Wines
 I was browsing the internet when I came across the Watton web site.
There I noticed a link to the Watton Youth Café which refers to the
facilities at the old Brewery. This reference aroused my interest because
I lived in Watton for the first four years of my life (1942-1948)
at Brewery House.  I cannot remember which road the house was
in but I do have a photograph which you can see in the attached file.

 My memories of the house are very vague but I can tell you this.
We lived with my mother’s parents (Mr & Mrs Frank Bird).
My mother was called Joyce and she married my father, Frank Harris,
in 1941. I don’t remember my grandfather because he died when I
was about 3. However, he was piano dealer and a photographer
(he took the photo of the house) and used to sell local views as
postcards to the village shops.  The building to the left of the house
(you can just see a small part of it in the picture) was let to a bee
keeper called Jess Roberts. She lived with her sister Ada in a
cottage at the end of Lock Lane.

 Just for the record, my mother appears in a picture in the book
”Watton Through The Ages” by George Jessup (page 57)
along with her friend Joan Turgoose. These are the same two
people that can be seen at the windows of Brewery House.
 Andy Harris

Brewery House as it is today