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Watton & District Rotary Club is very proud of its achievements with the Breckland Family
Show, a great pleasure to thousands of people and widely recognised as one of
Norfolk’s major attractions.

The Club much regrets that it is no longer in a position to continue with the Show.
When it commenced 15 years ago the aim was to provide a Show for the town’s enjoyment
at minimal cost and to enable other Clubs and Organisations to raise money for their own good
causes. The entry cost was £1 and we relied heavily on interest in classic and veteran cars and,
later, aircraft to bring in the crowds. Whilst the cost of the entertainment increased the
entry cost was kept down to £3. During the Show’s existence over £70,000 was raised for
Rotary’s charities, local, national and international. It would be impossible to estimate how much
other Charities, Clubs and Organisations raised during the same period.

The Show became much larger than envisaged and were it not for very willing friends we
would not have been able to deal with the physical work involved. Planning the event took
12 months to the exclusion of other commitments and interests. The availability of, and access
to, the site, traffic problems, insurance requirements and risk assessments have taken their
toll of us. No matter how carefully plans were laid there were always unforeseen problems
to be solved at inconvenient times often with frightening deadlines. As one of the Committee
remarked “We’ve gone that extra mile for the last five years now and I think we have done our share.”

The cost of running the Show reached in excess of £12,000 this year and this did not include labour.
If the Rotarians and the many helpers had been paid for all the work done the entry fee
increase would have been substantial just to break even. Sponsorship helped enormously
especially over the last few years, but great reliance was placed on the gate money.
Adverse weather conditions could have been a disaster to the Rotarians’ personal
pockets as this is where the responsibility would have ultimately fallen.

The Rotary Club would like to thank all those Clubs, Organisations, Sponsors, helpers
and everyone involved who share with us in this considerable, worthwhile achievement.
For the future we hope that the public will continue to support our fund raising activities
as it is our intention to run smaller events for the town’s enjoyment and to
support worthy causes in the name of Rotary.